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Welcome to the wonderful City of Hill Valley. Here at "Ask Mr. Michael Travel Service" you will find all the information you need for visiting the real Hill Valley. We offer the best price package than any other competitors: $0. You just have to have a little knowledge of how to log on to our site and you will get all the necessary information. ***We only provide information so you still have to pay fees when visiting places like Universal Studios Hollywood***

Please scroll down and find the locations from each area that you'd like to visit and click on the links. Or you can use our "
Navigation Map" at the bottom of this page to pick the locations you want to see. Be sure to read the "Checklist" before you go on the trip.
On each page of the location, you will find detailed map info, photo gallery and reminders. You can click on "view larger map/ driving directions" which will provide you larger map and driving directions from your location to this particular Hill Valley location. You can also click on photo gallery to view more photos from the location.

A little background info on the real locations of Hill Valley: Most scenes from the first two movies were shot in Los Angeles area. Filmmakers wanted to use a real town as Hill Valley originally but it cost too much to do that so they filmed the Clock Tower town sqaure at Universal Studios Hollywood's backlot and also filmed at many locations in LA county. Part III was mostly shot in Red Hills Ranch near Sonora in northern California. Some scenes were filmed in Nevada/ Utah.

I visited these filming locations several times around 2003-2006 when I still lived in Los Angeles. Since many locations are in LA so it was very easy for me to gather information about these locations. Please read my descriptions for each location as reference and remember to be respectful to the residents. Please be careful and protect yourself too.
If you're interested you can see my BTTF location tour photos here. If you have any questions or comment please ASK MR. MICHAEL!
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